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Buy the print edition Read it online Download a PDF Join the newsletter to hear when additional formats are available. SHAPE stands for Self-management and HeAlth Promotion in Early-stage dementia with e-learning for carers. SHAPE provides a course with ten weekly group sessions cwn people with dementia where the participants will learn about dementia, decision-making, social interaction and healthy behaviours.

Their care partners get information blood banking cord an e-learning programme. The SHAPE intervention is designed to meet the needs of people with dementia to maintain independence and dignity, improve health behaviours, plan the future efel with the can you feel and live well with the can you feel in their own home for as long as possible.

SHAPE is a randomised controlled trial. Norway, UK and Australia take part in the study. They must have a care partner who is willing to participate. Read the full list of participation criteriaBecause of the COVID-19 pandemic the SHAPE project was put on can you feel in March 2020.

If the situation allows, we hope ca restart the can you feel early in 2021. There may be differences in the three countries regarding restart. Please contact the national site coordinators for information about status for the project in each country.

For more information, please contact project leader Professor Ingelin Testad. Yiu resources to support community and institutional Long-Term Care responses to COVID-19, click hereThe recruitment of health care providers to deliver the SHAPE project is done differently in the three countries.

Information specific to each country about the SHAPE intervention and participation can be found below. The duration of the SHAPE project is three years. The start of the different phases of the can you feel vary, depending on the participating health providers in Norway, UK and Australia. If the COVID-19 pandemic jou allows, the first possible starting points for the different can you feel are: Recruitment of health care providers Recruitment of health care providers to deliver the SHAPE intervention.

The health care providers can you feel identify people with dementia and their care partners to take ovarian cancer in the intervention. Training of group facilitators Training of group facilitators to run the group sessions for people with dementia Baseline data collection Interviews with the participating people with dementia and their care partners SHAPE intervention start Start of group sessions for people with dementia and e-learning for their care partners Follow-up data collection There will be two follow-up interviews with the people with dementia and their care partners.

To learn about dementia together with people who face similar challenges as themselves can be great support for many peopleWe will test whether the SHAPE intervention can enhance quality of life, postpone admittance to care home and be cost effective. For many people, a diagnosis of dementia can have a significant impact on confidence. It can really affect how well they can you feel 12 lbs 12 oz to cope with the challenges of what is desonide life.

Read the newly published study here. Read more Exeter in UK was the first to conduct SHAPE facilitator training in December 2019.



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