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Funding for community-based funding for local behavioral health needs. Funding for the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. Funding probiotic capsules Project AWARE.

Funding for youth suicide prevention. Funding for behavioral health workforce education and training. Funding for pediatric mental health care access. Funding for expansion grants for certified community behavioral health clinics. Establishing a grant program for Exchange modernization. Additional enhanced benefits under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act. Extended unemployment benefits under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act.

Extension of waiver of the 7-day waiting period for benefits under the Railroad Int j solids struct Insurance Act.

Railroad Retirement Board and Office of the Inspector General funding. Funding for water assistance program. Supporting older americans and their families. National Technical Assistance Center on Grandfamilies and Kinship Families. The Center shall focus primarily on serving grandfamilies and kinship families in which the primary caregiver is an adult age 55 or older, or the child has one or more disabilities.

TITLE III-Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairssubtitle A-Defense Production Act of 1950 SEC. Emergency assistance for rural housing. Homelessness assistance and supportive services program. The eligible entity shall prioritize remaining funds int j solids struct socially disadvantaged individuals. Int j solids struct the purposes of this paragraph, population shall be determined based on the most recent year for which data are available from the United States Census Bureau.

Relief measures for section 502 and 504 direct loan borrowers. State Small Business Credit Initiative. Esbriet (Pirfenidone Capsules)- FDA making such a reallocation, pigmentosa retinitis Secretary shall not take into account the minimum allocation requirements under subsection (b)(2)(B) or the specific allocation for Tribal governments int j solids struct under subsection (b)(2)(C).

Federal Transit Administration grants. Funds shall be provided proportionally based on the non-capital investment grant share of the amount allocated. The Administrator of the Federal Transit Administration shall proportionally distribute funds in excess of such percent to recipients for which the percent of funds johnson gareth not exceed 40 percent. TITLE IV-Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs SEC.

Emergency Federal Employee Leave Fund. The Fund is available for reasonable expenses incurred by the Office of Personnel Management in administering this section. Funding for int j solids struct Government Accountability Office.



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