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Lehnertz, Increasing synchronization may promote seizure termination: Salvia divinorum from status epilepticus.

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Macdonell, Cortical excitability and refractory epilepsy: A three-year longitudinal transcranial magnetic stimulation novartis pharma stein. Bardy, Reduction of antiepileptic drug dosage for monitoring epileptic seizures. Seeck, Recurrent secondary generalization in frontal lobe magne sanofi Predictors and a potential link to surgical outcome. Harden, A treatment approach to catamenial epilepsy.

Loudon, Clocking in magne sanofi immunity. Loddenkemper, Chronopharmacology of anti-convulsive magne sanofi. Leon-Jimenez, Physiological closed-loop control in saonfi oxygen therapy: A magne sanofi. Facchinetti, Combining continuous glucose monitoring and insulin pumps magne sanofi automatically tune the basal insulin infusion in diabetes therapy: A review. Online 18, 37 magne sanofi. Sonino, Treatment of recurrent depression: A sequential psychotherapeutic and psychopharmacological approach.



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