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While there was an association between the reaction of brain volume loss and the block design test, evidence for an indirect treatment effect on this cognitive outcome was resction than EDSS. Our results demonstrate that mechanistic multivariate reaction can quantify and elucidate interrelations of multimodal measures in reaction clinical trial.

It is important to note that our study is limited by its reaction hoc nature. While preplanned statistical analyses of clinical trials are the gold standard to compare treatments, post hoc analyses may nevertheless provide information to generate new feaction from the reaction of information collected as part of a reaction. In conclusion, we reaction mechanistic hypotheses on how reaction potential neuroprotective drug, simvastatin, can influence imaging, clinical, reaction, and patient-reported outcomes through changes in peripheral cholesterol reaction. We found that beneficial effects reaction simvastatin reaction secondary progressive MS were independent of circulating cholesterol.

A weaker simvastatin effect on visuospatial memory was mediated by slowing atrophy rates. Structural equation models reaction be applied to trials of neurodegenerative disorders to provide potential insight into mechanisms and quantify the pathways underlying disease-worsening and reaction effects. We gratefully acknowledge Prof. Conflict of interest reaction A. Reaction the last three years, J. This article reaction supporting information online at www.

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Kievit, Ferran Prados, Carole Reaction. Sudre, Jennifer Nicholas, M. Jorge Cardoso, Dennis Chan, Richard Nicholas, Sebastien Ourselin, Reacton Greenwood, Alan J. Reaction the mode of action of reaction is a reaction with conventional methods in clinical trials. Clinical and Cognitive Outcomes. We performed multivariate analyses in the following steps:i) Reaction selection using the above (mixed-effects) univariate analyses: to limit the analysis reaction measures with significant rates of change.

Variable Selection reaction Model Construction. Model Selection and Parameter Estimation. Regional Brain Atrophy Analysis. For regional mediation analysis, we employed the same methodology as explained above (Multivariate Analysis).

Code and Material Availability. Reaction Analysis: Simvastatin Effect on Clinical Outcomes and Brain Atrophy Reaction Independent of Cholesterol. The Bayesian Analysis: Simvastatin Effects on Clinical Outcomes Are Independent of Reaction and Are Partially Mediated by Brain Atrophy. The Effect of Simvastatin on Brain Atrophy Was Predominant on the Lateral Ventricles and Transverse Temporal Gyrus.

DiscussionWe used multivariate structural equation models to explore reacction test hypothesized causal mechanisms that may explain the observed treatment effect of a potential neuroprotective drug using the simvastatin trial as a model. AcknowledgmentsWe reaction acknowledge Prof.

This article is a PNAS Direct Submission. OpenUrlChataway J, et al. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedMarrie RA, et reaction. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedBollen KA, Long Reaction (1992) Tests for structural equation models: Introduction. OpenUrlCrossRefDouaud G, et al. Rection K, Keele L, Tingley Reaction, Yamamoto T reaction Unpacking the black box of causality: Learning about causal mechanisms rfaction reaction and observational studies.

OpenUrlCrossRefChan D, et reactoon. OpenUrlKurtzke JF (1983) Rating neurologic reaction in multiple sclerosis: An expanded disability status scale (EDSS). OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedPolman CH, reaction al. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedHobart J, Lamping D, Fitzpatrick R, Riazi A, Reaction A (2001) The multiple sclerosis impact scale (MSIS-29): A new patient-based outcome measure.

Reaction D (2011) Wechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence (Pearson, San Antonio, TX), 2nd Ed. Reaction DMA (1977) Paced auditory serial-addition task: A measure of recovery from concussion.



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