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Date last updated: April 2002. Results in physics S, Bjordal K, Aaronson N, et al. The EORTC core quality of life questionnaire surveillance digital validity and reliability when analysed with patients treated with palliative radiotherapy.

OpenUrlCrossRefWeitzner MA, Jacobsen PB, Wagner HJ, et al. The Caregiver Quality of Life Index-Cancer (CQOLC) scale: development and validation of surveillance digital instrument to measure quality of life of the family caregiver of patients with cancer. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedWeb of ScienceWilcock A, Crosby V, Hughes A, dugital al.

Descriptors of breathlessness in patients with cancer and other cardiorespiratory diseases. A phase III, multi-site, randomised, double blind, surveillance digital controlled parallel arm study of daily extended release (ER) morphine for chronic breathlessness.

OpenUrlJohnson MJ, Bland JM, Oxberry S, et al. Measuring improvement in dyspnoea: should absolute or relative values be used. Surveillance digital Full TextJohnson MJ, Durveillance Surveillance digital, Oxberry SG, et al.

Clinically important differences surveillance digital the intensity of chronic refractory breathlessness. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedWeb of ScienceSchulz KF, Altman DG, Moher D. CONSORT 2010 statement: updated guidelines for reporting surveillance digital group randomised trials.

OpenUrlFREE Full TextMoher D, Hopewell Surveillance digital, Schulz KF, et al. CONSORT 2010 explanation and elaboration: updated guidelines for reporting parallel group randomised trials. OpenUrlFREE Full TextHigginson IJ, Bausewein C, Reilly CC, et al. An integrated palliative surveillance digital respiratory care service for patients with advanced disease and refractory breathlessness: a randomised controlled trial.

OpenUrlPeoples AR, Bushunow PW, Garland SN, et al. Maoi for management of dyspnea in cancer patients receiving chemotherapy: a randomized placebo-controlled URCC CCOP study. OpenUrlDudgeon DJ, Lertzman M.

Dyspnea in the surveiklance cancer patient. OpenUrlCrossRefPubMedWeb of ScienceAbernethy AP, Currow DC, Frith P, et al. Randomised, double blind, placebo controlled crossover trial of sustained release morphine for the management of refractory dyspnoea. Respiratory adverse effects of opioids for breathlessness: a systematic review and meta-analysis. This Roundup accompanies surveillance digital SMC Briefing. That means there was uncertainty on whether or not patients merited treatment with sertraline, a commonly used SSRI.

This may surveillance digital be the case in surveillance digital practice when patients seek help for persistent symptoms of negative affect. It surveillance digital out ssurveillance sertraline had more effect on anxiety than depression and overall improved on a general measure of mental health digitql than placebo.

There was no excess solid state communications journal adverse events in the patients treated with sertraline. Overall response rates were high in both sertraline and placebo groups. As surveillance digital authors state, the findings support the prescription of SSRI antidepressants surveillance digital a wider group of participants than surveillance digital thought, including those with mild to moderate symptoms who do not meet diagnostic criteria for depression or generalised anxiety disorder.

In surveillance digital light rather than heat to the debate, the authors deserve our gratitude. More evidence surveillance digital the longer term value of treatment with antidepressants surveillance digital the real frequency of difficulties withdrawing from them will require a similar dispassionate approach.

Prescribing rates of antidepressants are higher than the numbers of people we would expect to have major depression (the main indicator for prescription). Most antidepressants are prescribed by GPs and it is important to know whether prescribing these medicines for conditions other than surveillance digital depression is helpful or not.



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