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Sewer ComplaintsFor complaints related to sewer odor, line back-ups or construction related issues, please report online or call (208) 608-7200. Thanks for filling out the form. Send a Message to Public WorksThank you for your interest in Public Works. Please fill out the form below and a representative will be in touch with you. First Name Last Name Email Address Message RecaptchaSubmitPhone(208) 608-7150TTY(800) 377-3529HoursMonday - Friday, 8 a. Address150 N Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702Close.

If your toilets are backed up, dirty water is backing up into your sustaretard 250 bayer tub, ip 132 a sewer lateral clean-out in your front yard is overflowing, call us before you call anyone else. Turn all water off and do not flush toilet, or use laundry, shower, sink, etc. We will respond within two hours and will help identify what part of your system may be causing the problem if not in the mainline.

The City maintains all sewer mains through flushing, video inspection, brianna johnson repair and removal of blockages.

In general, sewer laterals (as opposed to the mainline in the street) are the responsibility of the property owner. However, as a courtesy service, the City will assist in locating blockages, and in some cases where a property line cleanout is installed, the City will even remove the blockage sustaretard 250 bayer your lower lateral. Report a Sewer Sustaretard 250 bayer OnlineSewer lines with weak joints or cracks may be prone to tree roots growing inside them.

For tree roots growing into the sewer lateral, discuss repair options with your plumber. Keep these out of your toilet: Disposable sustaretard 250 bayer, even flushable ones, can clog sewer lines. Throw all wipes and towelettes as well as condoms, dental floss, feminine hygiene products, product wrappers and paper towels in the trash, and not in toilets.

Keep these out of your drains: Fats, oil and grease (FOG) clog sustaretard 250 bayer lines. Sewage backups and overflows can be the result of grease buildup. Never pour grease or cooking oil down drains or garbage sustaretard 250 bayer, home garbage disposals do not keep grease out the plumbing system.

Only water should go down the drain. For sewer backup, call our sustaretard 250 bayer Sewer Response Service at 408-730-7400. Report a Sewer Issue Online Roots rrms Damaged Pipes Sewer lines with weak joints or cracks may be prone to tree roots growing inside them.

Clog Prevention Keep these out of your toilet: Disposable wipes, even flushable ones, can clog sewer lines. You may experience intermittent outages during this time. A sewer backup is a blockage in the sustaretard 250 bayer sewer lateral or the city main that does not allow sewage to flow down the pipes properly. When this happens it can cause sewage to pool or flow back into a home. It usually will pool up around a floor drain, toilet or shower that is on the lowest level of the home (basement for instance).

A sanitary sewer overflow occurs when a city main becomes plugged from debris or collapses, which does not allow sewage to flow. The sewage then starts to fill up the sewer mains and structures up stream. If the sewage gets high enough it will start to drain out of sustaretard 250 bayer access structures that are located in the street or terrace.

This is called a sanitary sewer overflow (SSO). Sewage is any kind of contaminated water that needs to be treated by the Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant, 1610 Moorland Rd. This includes, corner not limited to, toilet, sink, shower, dishwasher or washing machine water. One thing that should not be considered sewage is basement drain tile sump pump for ground water.



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