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AbstractUnderstanding the mode of action of drugs is a challenge with conventional methods in clinical trials. Clinical and Cognitive Outcomes. We performed multivariate analyses in the following steps:i) Variable selection using the above (mixed-effects) univariate analyses: to limit the analysis to measures with significant rates of change. Variable Selection tsu ge Model Construction. Model Selection and Parameter Estimation.

Regional Brain Atrophy Analysis. For regional mediation analysis, we employed the same methodology as explained above (Multivariate Analysis). Code and Material Availability. ResultsMultivariate Analysis: Simvastatin Effect on Clinical Outcomes and Brain Atrophy Is Independent of Cholesterol.

The Bayesian Analysis: Simvastatin Effects on Clinical Outcomes Are Independent of Cholesterol and Are Partially Mediated by Brain Atrophy. The Effect of Simvastatin on Brain Atrophy Was Predominant on the Lateral Ventricles and Transverse Temporal Gyrus. DiscussionWe used multivariate structural equation models to explore and test hypothesized causal mechanisms that may explain the observed treatment effect tsu ge a potential neuroprotective drug using the simvastatin trial tsu ge a model.

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